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Michael J


At GrowSetup our goal is to provide you with the expertise to have your own legal grow room setup! We offer a full selection of services to help you in every area of the industry. Let our knowledgeable and friendly professionals help you with your growing needs and hydroponic equipment purchases. We provide service in full compliance according to each states law.



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  • Jonno 279w
    Hi everyone Great website! I have a question re setup. I am running 600w Ushio on med adjustawings. how far above the plant tops should these lamps be run? i have heard conflicting reports as standard wisdom is "as close as possible without making uncomfortable temps for the plants" i.e. 10-12 inches but then i saw this guy with the 'perfect garden' on seemorebuds and he was saying 30inches-granted this was for 1000w unit but it got me thinking. any input welcom. thanks J

    • GrowSetup 279w
      @Jonno On average a 600 watt bulb with sufficient airflow needs to be more than 13" away from the plants at all times. The top of the canopy should be spaced at about 17" for maximum light usage and adequate space for vertical growth. Again, this is only with enough air flow and adequate room temperatures.

  • Jonno 279w
    also would you bother to adjust the bulb placement up and down based on stages of flowering? i have heard that towards the later stages you want that bulb at the bottom setting with the wings at their narrowest settign to give plants max light

    • GrowSetup 279w
      @Jonno Here's a guide you could use throughout the different grow cycles. 1-Wing setting VEGETATIVE :- Wing width = most narrow, Lamp Holder height = lowest position. 2-Wing setting EARLY FLOWER Wing width = middle setting, Lamp Holder height = Middle position. 3-Wing setting MID FLOWER Wing width = widest setting, Lamp Holder height - Highest position. 4-Wing setting LATE FLOWER :- Wing width = medium wide setting, Lamp Holder height = 3/4 High position. 5-Wing setting LATE FLOWER :- Wing width = middle setting, Lamp Holder height = middle position.

  • Jonno 279w
    thanks Growsetup! How high must the bulb be from the tip fo the plant?

    • GrowSetup 279w
      @Jonno As stated above, I recommend about 13" to 17" when using 600 watts.

  • Jonno 279w
    just rereading your answer, that is a crazy bunch of settings! is the principle lots of light in veg, then decreasing light as one goes thru the flower stage? as this looks like what these settings accomplish

    • GrowSetup 279w
      @Jonno As you know the Adjust-A-Wing has many different settings. I have yet to try them all myself. The different settings was a guide directly provided by the Adjust-A-Wing manufactures.

  • GrowSetup 279w
    What nutrients are your currently using to feed your plants? @Jonno

  • Jonno 279w
    Thanks GS! im going to test it out. im trialling the greenhouse seeds power feed series at the mo

  • Jonno 279w
    what nutes do you recommend?

    • GrowSetup 279w
      @Jonno I've always had great success using Heavy 16 products. They make great products! One product you should definitely try is Fire by Heavy 16. This particular product is priced slightly on the higher end side, but the results are totally worth it. It will definitely boost your end result.

  • Jonno 272w
    hi GS Compliments of the season to you! Ja i have heard heavy 16 is very good. unfort i would only be able to ship powder nutrients because of the shipping costs internationally. i do have a question with nutrients for you and any other readers who are interested

  • Jonno 269w
    interesting re CO2 D! i was also thinking something to do with this. i have been keeping it at only 1200 to 1500 ppm. the flush is def a good idea. what ec do you flush with? i have been using tap water as our water is very soft 0.16ec. any idea what that particular nute def is in the pics? thanks J

    • GrowSetup 269w
      @Jonno Hey, Have you tried flushing with H2o2? It has a lot of benefits and can help keep your grow medium sterile and It helps to prevent bacteria and harmful pathogens. Also what is the pH of the water your watering with and what is the pH of your runoff?

  • Jonno 269w
    hi Gs, yes i do use h202 at 3% strength 3ml to the litre in my res- its good stuff! re ph i generally use 5.8 and if i test it coming thru the bag it comes thru no higher than 6. ec test is 0.5ms going in and about 0.9ms coming out cheers J

    • GrowSetup 267w
      @Jonno Hey have you made any adjustments to your routine? How are things looking any improvement...?