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H2O That's how I do it. Ph down. Ph up. Bit of RootDoctor for the clones. Maybe a shot of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide if something comes up. I want to taste the Herb. Not Baby Poop from A Jar.


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  • David 197w
    Hey, i've seen growers use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. In your description you have 35 percent listed, I've seen pool guys add that to swimming pools, wouldn't 35 percent affect the root zone? Can you please elaborate? Thanks

  • I use the 35% because the tubs hold 70 gallons of H2O. I use less of the 35% than I did of the 3%. I don't use Hydrogen Peroxide often. Maybe twice a year. Use it mainly to avoid refilling the reservoirs. I try and run for three months in veg before flushing and refilling the Tubs. When all is perfect in the lab, 6 months at a time is normal. I taste the water in the Tubs daily. If I don't like the taste, I flush the tub and start over. But that's just me. And I'm Insanely Danish. Just so's ya's know's madds


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